Brian Johnson, the lead singer of Australian band AC/DC, has unveiled the meaning of the iconic song ‘Shoot to Thrill‘ during the interview he gave for ‘The Story of Back in Black‘ series.

In the fourth episode of the series, which was made for the 40th anniversary of the AC/DC album, ‘Back in Black’, the truth behind the lyrics of ‘Shoot to Thrill’ was revealed. One of the lyricists of the song, Brian Johnson explained how he was affected by the mood of the 80’s when writing in the short video.

Johnson said that he is a good observer and he was inspired by the culture and society of that period in England. About the lyrics that have sexual references along with the obvious mention of drugs, Johnson stated that these were the undeniable indicators of culture at that time.

Here is what was said on the Instagram post of the AC/DC about the episode in which Johnson talks:

“Brian Johnson tells the curious tale behind the lyrics to “Shoot To Thrill” ⚡️ Back in Black 40.”

Here is what Brian Johnson said about the lyrics of ‘Shoot to Thrill‘:

“I was just a reader and observer of people. It basically wasn’t about the drug culture.

What I was thinking of at the time, in England, it was more the housewives on valium because the National Health System was overloaded with women who were just depressed, despondent and all that, so the doctor – just to get them out of the bloody office – would say, ‘Here, take some valium.’

And these women were dependent on it… Too many women, too many pills.”

You can see the Instagram post of the band and watch the full episode below.