Brian Johnson, the lead singer of the legendary band AC/DC, revealed that the real drummer of the band has always been Phil Rudd and talked about Chris Slade‘s statements during an interview with Loudwire Nights.

Phil Rudd had a bumpy road during his career with AC/DC, it all started when the frontman Bon Scott died in 1980 which left his close friend Rudd deeply wounded. Rudd eventually left the band in 1983 following the recording of the Flick of the Switch album due to personal problems.

Rudd permanently rejoined the band in late 1993 following the recording of the Big Gun single after the band called him for joining them in order to participate in a casual jam session. While he has been away Chris Slade was filling his absence occasionally and even after Rudd’s return once again covered his spot after Rudd’s house arrest for drug possession during Rock or Bust Tour.

Chris Slade is widely known for playing for AC/DC, he drummed for the band from 1989 to 1994 and performed on their 1990 album The Razor Edge along with the band’s first live album, AC/DC Live. He returned to the band in February 2015 in order to replace Phil Rudd for the Rock or Bust World Tour.

During an interview with Rolling Stone about two months ago, Slade stated that, according to his absolute honest opinion, he is the current drummer in AC/DC. Since his statement has never been confirmed by the original members of AC/DC, what they really think of Chris Slade was a mystery, in addition to the real drummer of the band,  until now.

The frontman Brian Johnson and the bassist Cliff Williams revealed their true opinions on Chris Slade for the first time and stated that Phil Rudd has always been the real drummer of AC/DC during a recent interview with Loudwire Nights. When asked about Slade’s statement, Johnson revealed that he has never heard of it and even though praised Slade, declared that Rudd is the real drummer of the band.

Here is what Johnson said about Slade and Rudd:

“I don’t know, that’s the first I’ve heard of this. I would have imagined Chris would have known that – Chris stood in for Phil very admirably, did a great job, but as you know, Phil got himself into some trouble, but he’s AC/DC’s drummer, really, always has been.

And you know, that’s a difficult one. I hadn’t heard that, so I can’t comment on it really too much.”

Later on, Cliff Williams also stated that Chris Slade was hired to come in and do the job and that was the whole meaning of his work.

Here is what Williams said about Slade:

“I’ve not heard that either. In the past, Chris has been hired to come in and do the job, so that’s been the premise of the whole thing. I didn’t know that he feels that he’s the drummer.”

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