AC/DC star who became the third lead singer of the band after the death of Bon Scott, Brian Johnson, was recently interviewed by ‘Raised On Radio’ and talked about lots of things varying from their latest album to their iconic stage outfits.

As the whole industry knows, most rock stars are famous for their iconic stage outfits, such as Slipknot’s masks, the legendary makeup of KISS members, and many more. While some of the stars give up or change their classical outfits, AC/DC singer Brian Johson and Angus Young are determined about keeping their iconic outfits for years.

In his latest interview, AC/DC singer was asked why he still keeps wearing his cap onstage and also about the last time he was seen or photographed without a hat on. Brian admitted that he’s using his cap as a stage routine and he’s not wearing it in his daily life.

Brian also revealed whether Angus Young ever considered dropping the school uniform once he got past college or university age. He admitted that Angus will do it forever and if he won’t, he will be disappointed somehow.

An interviewer asked:

“When were you last seen or photographed without a hat on?”

Brian Johnson responded:

“Oh, well, I wear them for things like this. When I’m home and in Florida, I’m just one of the boys, swimming and plunging and having a good time. The hat thing started – I’ll never forget, I used to play the working men’s clubs in and around the northeast of England, and we would really rock!

It was a grand little rock band called Geordie, and I used to sweat because they didn’t have any air conditioning. And in the winter especially, the clubs were full and they’d have the heating full up because it was freezing outside. And I always used to sweat and my hair and all the sweat used to go in the eyes and sting!”

An interviewer asked:

“Did Angus ever consider dropping the school uniform once he got past college or university age? I’m thinking around ‘For Those About to Rock,’ here he’s in his mid-twenties. Did he ever get to a point thinking, ‘This could look a bit weird when I get to my 30s and beyond?’ Or was it always, ‘Nope, we’re doing this forever’?”

Brian Johnson responded again:

“No, it was just that – he’s doing it forever. And if he didn’t do it, honestly, I’d be disappointed. Thing happens – Angus always said he’s got three personalities. There’s him, who’s very quiet, sits at home – he’s a quiet lad, he does his thing, does his music, that’s it.

There’s the Angus that picks the guitar up and just turns into this musician, just writing and just concentration. And then the third one is when he sticks the school uniform on! And I’ve seen it, and it is! It’s tangible, he guns into the back and he’s sitting there, and out he comes like Clark Kent out of the telephone booth – he’s just totally switched on!

Bright-eyed, razor-sharp, twitching, ‘Ready! Come on, right, let’s go!’ And I don’t think he could even contemplate going on without that uniform, and neither could I, neither could the audience.”

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