During a recent interview with Terry Evans of Stingray Radio, AC/DC’s lead singer Brian Johnson talked about the way he reacts to his friends’ passing and revealed that he recently realized he’s 73 years old which led him to reconsider his life and think about mortality.

As you know, AC/DC released their 17th studio album ‘Power Up/PWR UP‘ on November 13, 2020. The album ranked Number 1 Best-Seller on Amazon in just a couple of days and then Number 1 in almost twenty countries in less than a week. It also became the fastest-selling album of 2020 as 117,000 copies were sold in the first week.

‘PWR UP’ marked the return of the band’s vocalist Brian Johnson who had to stop touring after 2016 as he suffered total hear loss. However, for the past years, he worked with audio expert Stephen Ambrose who after three years of research and experimenting finally discovered a wireless in-ear monitor that would enable Johnson to perform without harming his hearing even more.

Having experienced some of his age’s difficulties, Johnson got an idea of what getting older means. After losing fellow rockstars such as  Eddie Van Halen, Little Richard, and Neil Peart, Johnson was asked whether he has come to the point of thinking about his own life and death.

Johnson responded by saying that he did some weeks ago when he turned 73. Realizing that he is 73 years old led him to think about what he has done in life and feeling like he could have done more, that he has barely started. However, he didn’t say any of these with a pessimistic tone but he rather said that he is happy he has ‘that outlook on life.’

Johnson also shared a memory he has of a conversation with his father who used to tell him that the life a person leads is similar to a card game. ‘You just play the cards you’re dealt‘ is what Johnson’s father told him and it looks like his age has helped Johnson understand what that sentence means.

Here’s what Brian Johnson said in the interview:

“Three or four weeks ago [in early October], I turned 73, and I [thought], ‘That can’t be. What do you mean 73? I haven’t done enough yet. I haven’t started yet.’ [Laughs] ‘I’ve got things to do.’ And it’s just crazy. And I’m happy I have that outlook on life.

When you get to this age, you start noticin’ people poppin’ — just here and there. But my dad used to say something — he used to say, ‘Son, you just play the cards you’re dealt.’ And that’s it.”

You can listen to the interview below and click here for the source.