Wales-based drummer who is in the music scene for almost 60 years, Chris Slade of AC/DC, was the latest guest of Vinyl Writer Music’s Andrew DiCecco and recalled the days he got initial onboarding conversations in the 1980s as well as the phone call he got from David Gilmour.

You might be familiar with his long-time career that Chris was one of the most popular drummers of the ’70s and ’80s, and he worked with many celebrities these days. Right after releasing eight different studio albums with ‘Manfred Mann’s Earth Band,’ he started to get calls from the frontmen of the popular bands of the era.

In the interview, Slade was asked to recall the days he worked with Paul Rodgers, Jimmy Page, Tony Franklin, and David Gilmour in the mid-1980s and share the onboarding conversation he had with one of these celebrities. AC/DC drummer recalled the day he got a phone call from the Pink Floyd legend and how he thought it was a prank call from Earth Band founder Manfred Mann.

Here is how Slade recalled that day:

“I got a call one lunchtime, and it’s like, ‘Hello, David Gilmour here.’ I went, ‘Oh, come on, Fred. I know it’s you; you’re messing me around.’ He goes, ‘No, no. It’s Dave Gilmour.’ I went, ‘Oh! Hello, Dave. How do you do?” And he said, ‘I’m putting a tour together, and I’d like you to play drums.’

I went, ‘Wow, that’s fantastic. But you know, I’m working with Mick Ralphs.’ And he said, ‘Oh, yeah. That’s fine because Mick’s doing it as well.’ So, I said yes to that back in 1984. I think that was – actually it was ’83 – because I said to my Mrs. ‘Okay, we’ll go down to the pub and celebrate. I’m going out with Gilmour in a few months.'”

According to Slade, right after he hung out the phone, he got yet another calling and it was like ‘Hello, it’s Jimmy Page Here.‘ While AC/DC drummer once again thought that it’s a prank call from Fredd, it was a real phone call from Led Zeppelin legend and he offered him to play drums in the band that he put together with Paul Rodgers.

Since Chris accepted the offer, Paul and Page had to wait almost a year for him to finish David Gilmour’s worldwide tour in 1984.