Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade posted a recent comment on Facebook and revealed the times he was so broke that they had to pose with someone else’s car in the street.

Rockstars Cars posted a photo and wrote this:

“Heres a pic of Tom Jones and his E-type, its probably been posted before. It’s not unusual…. 😀 What a great pic though!

Wonder how long Tom had the car and if the car still exists? pls RT #SplinedHub will love this!”

Here is what Chris Slade told about the photo:

“A pic from the past… Me with The Squires and Tom with his E Type.”

Later he admitted that he’s only kidding:

“Actually this was a joke! It was in the very early days, before ‘It”s not unusual’ was recorded. None of us had any money, we saw this car in the street and just posed with it… Like you do!…… Slade.”

Here is the photo below:

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