The legendary Australian rock band AC/DC started to post new videos on their YouTube channel, AC/DC Official (former name was AC/DCVevo) after almost 2 years.

The last video before those 4 new videos was 31 million viewed, official video of Let There Be Rock.

Briany from AC/DC Fans forum posted a new message about the situation and said that:

“I like the way the majority of AC/DC videos getting flagged generated positive excitement on the forum because we thought it meant the new release was imminent. In my mind, I likened it to how in WW1 they’d stop the guns just before a big offensive. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of that.

A couple of new-old videos being uploaded now shouldn’t mean much, but the AC/DC seismologists among us will continue to attempt to forecast a major earthquake based on the little shudders and judders that pop up.”

You can watch the latest AC/DC video on YouTube below.