AC/DC’s iconic guitarist Angus Young spoke in a recent interview with Guitar World and revealed the main source of his musical style.

In the interview, Angus stated that he was a blues listener and player at that time, but he has never like the depressions or the sad elements of the blues music and mentioned his one of the favorite musicians, Muddy Waters.

Moreover, it seems like this behavior of Angus effected the music style of AC/DC, and they made a lot of happy & cheerful songs within the Rock N’ Roll style. In this way, Angus revealed why they were not interested in making sad types of music with the band.

Interviewer asked:

“You also got into blues music at an early age. What did you love about it?”

Here is what Angus Young said:

“It’s the emotion in those old blues records. I’ve never really been into the depression stuff. I’ve always liked the happy sort of blues music, like Muddy Waters.

Even though he might have been singing about his woman running off with a 19-year-old bus driver from Florida, there would be an element of humor in it, and that’s what I’ve always loved.”

He continued:

“I’ve never been a great lover of the real sad element of the blues. There are some great sad songs, but I prefer the happier side. And the grammar in blues music is fantastic.

Some of the things that Muddy would sing: ‘I just love them, pretty women, I’ll kill for them young pretty things.’

They’d sing ‘whummen’ instead of women, and ‘choo’ instead of you. But you get what they mean.”

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