Guitarist Angus Young shared his reaction about the first website of AC/DC’s late frontman Bon Scott.

Bon Scott joined AC/DC in 1974, one year after the band was founded, and he performed with them until his death due to alcohol poisoning back in 1980 at the age of thirty-three.

Bon recorded seven albums with AC/DC before his death such as T.N.T, High Voltage, and Highway To hell. Also, he is named as ‘The Greatest Rock n’ Roll Front Man of All Time’ back in 2004 by Classic Rock Magazine.

Yesterday was the 75th birthday of the late singer, and musicians celebrated this day by launching Bon Scott’s first-ever website to celebrate his birthday and mourn their old friend. AC/DC star Angus Young was one of the musicians who penned a message about his late bandmate.

Angus Young said:

“On the occasion of what would have been his 75th birthday, the Bon Scott Estate are proud to launch the new website and take this important step toward elevating Bon’s legend and tending to his legacy.

Bon was a unique singer and I think somewhat underestimated for he had a great and everlasting influence on many young and also famous Metal and Rock vocalists all over the world.

He certainly knew how to party but he was the real deal and will always be remembered for his down-to-earth attitude, his approachable and friendly character, and most of all his live performances – wherever you are Bon – Happy Birthday man – have a drink on me.”

Further in the announcement, other musicians such as Judas Priest’s Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton shared their thoughts about the iconic frontman while celebrating his birthday.