The legendary late member of AC/DC, Malcolm Young and current AC/DC star Angus Young’s rare interview with Classic Rock magazine revealed by Loudersound.

Angus Young revealed why AC/DC is one of the loudest bands ever played on stage. Angus responded to the question by referring yet another legendary rock music veteran, Ted Nugent.

The interviewer asked this:

“AC/DC is still one of the loudest bands I’ve ever seen. Is there a reason for that?”

Angus Young responded:

“To keep you awake. Yes, but even a volume fiend like Ted Nugent doesn’t play at the volume he once did.”

The late legend Malcolm Young chimed in:

“We’re not going to fall into that trap of old age. We can’t get up there and play things like Highway To Hell, For Those About To Rock and The Jack quietly.

You gotta stay young.”

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Last month, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, who forced to quit the band for some hearing problems, talked in a recent episode of his podcast and revealed an interesting story about the struggles that he faced on stage in history.

Brian mentioned the people who bothered him at live shows. He also talked about how he harassed by the bad guys while he’s singing with AC/DC.

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