One of the rarest interviews of AC/DC’s legendary guitarist Angus Young revealed by Classic Rock Magazine. In that interview, Angus is telling where his iconic outfit came from.

He also revealed how he reacted against the claims that ‘Angus has no balls’, and I have to say that this part of the interview is very interesting and funny.

Here’s what he said:

“Ah’ve always seen people like Chuck Berry duckwalking and Jerry Lee Lewis stripping off, so I decided I would wear the outfit for a bit of fun. If I went on stage like this [jeans and Tshirt], I’d look dumb. That outfit does me justice!

I can pull the hat over my head and hide me face; I can show me knees; I can flash me arse. Me bum’s about the best side of me.”

He continued:

“Cos I didn’t take off me pants? Nah, I only do that when I feel like puttin’ shit on the audience. Some audiences you get are really rowdy and to shut them up, you just go, ‘Take that, ya poof!’ It’s just to shut them up, to quell them.

I’ve been on stage, especially in Australia, and there would be guys there all night ribbin’ me and they’d be shouting, ‘Angus has no balls’. Until I eventually take off me pants and show ’em. Cos they’re gonna keep it up all night, so ya gotta shut them up pretty quick.”

Click here for the entire interview.