Classic Rock Magazine has revealed one of the rarest interviews of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young on their website.

During the interview, Angus has shared an interesting story about their former bassist Mark Evans, while doing that he also shared a little-known fact about his late brother, Malcolm Young.

As you can read below, Angus clarified who’s the original bass player of AC/DC. And also shared that Malcolm was playing bass guitar at some live shows in their early years. Here’s what he said:

“I don’t see what all that shit was about. People say he was our original bassist. No he f**king wasn’t. The first guy we had was called Rob Bailey. Some nights Mal even played bass.”

He also talked about his stage outfit and said:

“The gimmick’s always been me out there in the schoolboy suit, so people’d remember. Club owners in America might not have recalled the band, but they’d never go forgetting the little kid in the shorts and satchel – the one who behaved like a lunatic.”

Click here for the source of the statement. (Alternative Nation)