The co-founder and lead guitarist of AC/DC, Angus Young has recalled the spectacular show when the band performed together with The Rolling Stones in Sydney in 1998 and revealed the fact that Keith Richards invited them to the stage without Mick Jagger knowing.

During his latest conversation on Triple M, the legendary musician, Angus Young, has looked back on the glorious days of rock and roll, talking about the success of the band’s seventh studio album, ‘Back in Black,’ and shedding a light on the great comeback of AC/DC.

Young went back as far as the time when they joined the British rock band, The Rolling Stones, on the stage for their fifth and final leg of the ‘Bridges To Babylon Tour,’ at Weserstadion on September 2, 1998.

Angus Young remembered that special day and explained that Ronnie Wood of the Stones grabbed the members of AC/DC down to their rehearsal. When the co-founder of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, saw them, he got pretty excited and said he’ll bring them on for ‘Rock Me Baby,’ Angus said.

Although Malcolm Young asked Richards if he let the frontman of the Stones, Mick Jagger, know the situation, Keith Richards went his own way. Angus Young, who called the event ‘a big thrill,’ stated that they got on and played away.

Here’s what Angus Young said about the show they performed together with The Rolling Stones:

“We were asked if we would go down to the rehearsal. We didn’t want to do that because we knew they’d probably be busy.

It was Ron Wood who actually grabbed us and said, ‘I’ll take you in – Keith’s going to be excited to see you.’ So we went in and sure enough, there he was, being Keith.

He is who he is, he likes what he likes, and he was really happy to see us. And then me and Malcolm, we thought we’d go out.”

He continued:

“And we were just sitting on a flight case back, and we just had a little smoke, and out comes Keef, just before they’re getting on stage, and he said, ‘OK, I’m gonna bring you on for ‘Rock Me Baby.’ We’re just gonna do ‘Rock Me Baby.”

And he goes, ‘You’ll get through it easy enough, it’s in C. That’s the root key.’ And Mal said, ‘Shouldn’t you ask Mick Jagger first?’ And then we got on and played away, so for us, it was a big thrill.”

Check out the rest of the conversation and ‘Rock Me Baby’ performance of AC/DC and The Rolling Stones below.