During a recent interview with Anders Bøtters Tiny TV, AC/DC’s iconic guitarist Angus Young recalled the first time he ever listened to Jimi Hendrix and discussed how Hendrix affected his music career.

Angus Young is one of the most famous guitarists of all time. As you may recall, AC/DC released their 17th studio album called ‘PWR/UP‘ on the 13th of November 2020, which was well-received by fans and music critics.

As the co-founder of such a legendary band, Angus Young was asked where he got his inspiration from and if he was influenced by anyone in specific. Angus Young responded by referring to his teenage years and the rockstars who were gaining popularity during those years.

He mentioned that rock was becoming more popular day by day, but it was still not easy to listen to on the radio. Angus Young mentioned the days that he would wait up all night to listen to the music that he enjoyed which would be played only after midnight.

Here’s what Angus Young said during the interview:

“And I think back, in my time, what I liked music-wise, I had to wait up all night. I would be there all night, and then at about two o’clock in the morning, there was a man on the radio, and he would play rock music of this time. He was an American man. And I had a little radio, and I would sit there in my bed and wake up just for this guy. And there I was. And he would bang out the latest stuff.”

Then he referred specifically to Jimi Hendrix and how his music inspired him. He described how his music was what Angus Young was looking for. He specifically mentioned the excitement he felt when he heard ‘Purple Haze‘ and how he felt the need to find out more about Jimi Hendrix.

Furthermore, he talked about his attempt to find magazines featuring Jimi Hendrix, which was not easy as Angus was living in Australia. Angus also remembers finally finding a magazine that had a small photo of Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar on the cover and he recalls thinking that he wanted to look as cool as him.

Here’s what Angus Young said about Jimi Hendrix:

“I heard Jimi Hendrix on there, I heard Cream — people like this. And later on, you started to get your Led Zeppelin and bands like this. And especially when Jimi Hendrix, when I heard ‘Purple Haze’, boy, that was it. I was so excited.

And then I thought, ‘How am I gonna find out about Jimi Hendrix?’ I was out walking anywhere. I went up to a magazine store, and I’m trying to look if they’ve got a magazine from England, ’cause I knew he was in London. And I found a little picture of this guy with a guitar, and I was going, ‘Wow! I wanna look that cool.’”

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