During a recent interview with Classic Rock Music, AC/DC’s legendary guitarist Angus Young has shared what he really thinks about The Rolling Stones.

Actually, this rare interview contains a conversation between Malcolm and Angus, and it was released just before the death of Malcolm but some reason featured at that time again.

He also revealed why he doesn’t want to be like members of The Rolling Stones. As you can read below, Angus criticized Stones members’ attitude to media and magazines.

Here’s how the conversation started with Malcolm’s statement:

“On the day of the gig, we got a call from their production manager telling us that Keith [Richards] really wanted to meet Angus. We ummed and ahhed, and eventually decided to go down there for an hour just to check out what was going on.”

Angus chimed in:

 “We’re not snobs or nothing, it’s just that being the Rolling Stones we knew there’d be lots of cameras; we don’t like all that media hoo-hah.”

Malcolm continued:

“Keith came straight out to see us, and we all got on.”

Interviewer said:

“Did you bring your guitars?”

Malcolm responded:

“The next thing we knew we were up there with them. Then they called us to ask if we wanted to do this. We were doing nothing except writing, and we thought it would probably do us good to get back onto a stage.

I know the Stones charge a lot of money for people to come to see them, which we’re not into, but we’re here as a bonus. The tickets were already on sale before we were announced.”

Check out the entire interview here via Alternative Nation.