AC/DC singer Brian Johnson was the latest interview guest of Stingray Radio and talked about the new AC/DC album ‘Power Up’ as well as the tragic death of the co-founder of the band, Malcolm Young.

The legendary late musician, Malcolm Young played guitar in AC/DC from 1973 until 2010. As the whole AC/DC fans would remember, after he decided to pull himself from the stages, he continued to write songs for the band until retiring from AC/DC back in 2014 due to his ongoing dementia treatment.

Later on, Malcolm was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young. After a long-time he struggled with dementia, Malcolm has passed away from this world at the age of 64.

In his latest interview, Brian Johnson talked about Malcolm’s death and how difficult it was for him to accept the inevitable end that his dear friend would face eventually. Brian stated that he can’t even describe what a terrible feeling it was seeing his long-time buddy on his death bed.

Here is what Brian Johnson stated in the interview:

“It was dreadful because, after that, everything happened. Years were going down and down through the shores of Australia and I just knew the inevitable was coming. And I was trying to pretend it wasn’t – I’m me, I’m tough, nothing’s gonna stop me. I started believing my own publicity. ‘Strong as an ox, nothing’s gonna stop him!’

“You can’t screw around with that stuff, and then my very best friend in the world died of cancer, aged 59, in the same week. And just before that, knowing how frail we all are, there was my buddy, just over this ward in this hospital, and the guy said, ‘Very sorry, buddy, he’s very, very ill…’

I can’t even describe how bad that was. It’s just the bloody worst feeling, I can’t even tell you…”

You can listen to the whole interview below.

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