AC/DC’s iconic frontman, Brian Johson was the latest interview guest of Dan Rather and revealed if he ever used drugs or booze in his hard times.

Here is the conversation, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

Dan Rather:

“You said you didn’t go nuts, but did you go into whiskey or dope?”

Brian Johson:

“No. I always wanted to buy Mom and Dad a house, that’s everybody’s dream, so that was cool. I got a big house, I got back together with my wife for the sake of the kids, because I thought the kids shouldn’t miss out on this.

I just wanted to be a good provider for them and all that stuff, that was nice. But the bad thing was I was away all the time. AC/DC toured so much, but we just seemed never to stop. Germany, Frances, it was insatiable for more and more AC/DC. I think it took everybody in the band by surprise, it was just sensational.”

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You can watch the sneak peek of the interview below.