AC/DC singer Brian Johnson was recently interviewed by Life On The Road series this week and talked about one of the most controversial albums of Metallica history, ‘Black Album’ as well as AC/DC’s Moscow gig.

As you may already remember AC/DC tapped Metallica to open for them in 1991’s Monster Of Rock Tour and the tour has lasted until 2006. In the conversation he had with Lars, Brian has stated that he started with ‘Enter Sandman’ after deciding to listen to Metallica for the first time ever and admitted that it’s a real Rock N’ Roll.

He also recalled the days that Monsters of Rock tour rolled on and how they have found themselves headlining above Metallica that had the biggest-selling album in America in these days. Brian also stated that it was quite a revered thing when they shared the same stage with Metallica stars.

Here is what he said:

“You guys came on, and I said, ‘I’ve got to check these guys out.’ And I remember it started with ‘Enter Sandman,’ and I remember listening to that…

And everybody’s putting things in boxes – hard rock, thrash metal, diddly-dudley… And I remember listening to it and going, ‘That’s rock ‘n’ roll…’

It was the drums that had a swing to it that regular thrash metal didn’t have.”

He continued:

“Thanks in part to the success of ‘Enter Sandman,’ ‘Black Album’ came into the American charts at No. 1. And as the Monsters of Rock tour rolled on, we found ourselves headlining above the band who at the time had the biggest-selling album in America.

One show that stands out main memory more than anything was that time we shared a stage in Moscow – and we were in Barcelona – we got the call from Yeltsin. Well, not him personally, but it said, ‘You must come up to Moscow because the coup is over, and we promised the kids.’ They wanted rock ‘n’ roll.”

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