The legendary singer of AC/DC, Brian Johnson made an unexpected statement about Pink Floyd on his ongoing show from AXS TV’s A Life On The Road and declared surprising drug accusations about late Pink Floyd star, Syd Barrett.

Here is what Brian said, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“When Pink Floyd took the show to London’s Queen Elisabeth Hall in May 1967, it was advertised as space-age relaxation for the climax of spring with electronic composition, color, and image projection. Phew!

The concert was the first in the country to have a complex light show and a quadrophonic sound system. This technology would revolutionize the live rock show.

Brian Johnson continued:

“While the band were experimenting with sound and lighting effects, Syd Barrett’s experiments with LSD and other drugs were making it hard for him to deal with life on the road, and he sadly left Pink Floyd in 1968.”

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2 weeks ago, AC/DC singer Brian Johnson’s rare interview revealed by Alternative Nation and the interview showed us the most curious thing about the relationship between AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses.

According to the report of AN, Brian has revealed what he really thinks about Guns N’ Roses in their prime time. He mentioned the massive tour of Guns N’ Roses and Metallica.

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