The legendary AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, who forced to quit the band for some hearing problems, talked in a recent episode of his podcast and revealed an interesting story about the struggles that he faced on stage in history.

Brian mentioned the people who bothered him at live shows. He also talked about how he harassed by the bad guys while he’s singing with AC/DC.

Here’s what he said:

“We all notice you’re very female, and in this world when you went out, life on the road was pretty tough because of the amenities backstage.

Some of the little clubs where you used to play, I used to play. There were a lot of redneck drunks, some bad dudes, bottles were thrown and all of that. That was all part of serving your apprenticeship.”

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One of another episode of Brian Johnson’s podcast, Brian admitted that he felt terrible because AC/DC was popular in Newcastle. Here are his statements, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“So I was living with my Mom and Dad, and they didn’t have a record player. So I went oh my god, and I phoned one of the boys from the band I was in, Derek Rootham, who was a guitarist in Geordie too, and I said, ‘You better come down, I’ve got this new album that we did, it’s called Back in Black.”

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