AC/DC’s iconic vocalist Brian Johnson spoke in a recent interview with Loudwire to talk about the new album of the band, Power Up, and shared his feelings during the recordings.

In the conversation, Brian mentioned that this is a tribute album for the late guitarist of the band who passed away back in 2017, Malcolm Young, and showed his respect to the legend yet again.

Furthermore, Brian stated that they all wanted to step up during the recordings because they all wanted to make Malcolm proud of this album. In this way, they could mourn his death honorably.

Moreover, Brian wanted to talk about the spirit of Malcolm and said that Malcolm was there when they were recording the songs and proved that Malcolm is living in the hearts of the band members.

Interviewer asked:

“Was there a moment – you always hear these stories of like, ‘Yeah, I felt his presence while we were in the studio working on new music? Did either of you have one of those the-hairs-on-your-arms-stood-up moments while working on these songs?”

Brian Johnson replied:

“Yeah, I think everybody in the band is not afraid, but we don’t like to say it’s like spiritual things because we think it’s a lot of tosh.

But when you get in there, and you know, this album is a tribute to Malcolm, and when you just had to really step up to the plate, make Malcolm proud – because Malcolm had just passed away, not long before.

And we really wanted to leave him something to be proud of, you know, that he had a part. And so, yes, it’s a funny thing to say but yeah, he was there.”

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