During a recent conversation with the Eagles’ Joe Walsh on his radio show, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson talked about how much he missed being on stage and revealed his dream band would include Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and The Who singer Roger Daltrey.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the iconic musicians had to postpone or cancel their concerts and tours around the world and spend most of their time at home with their families. However, some of them found it very challenging not being able to tour and perform in front of their beloved fans.

Recently, AC/DC icon Brian Johnson joined his dear friend Joe Walsh’s weekly radio show,Joe Walsh Old Fashioned Rock and Roll Radio Show,‘ and talked about how challenging the self-quarantine days had been for him as he couldn’t spend much time working on new music.

Furthermore, the two rock icons discussed who would they wanted to have in their dream band. Joe and Brian agreed on two names to include their supergroup, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and The Who’s Roger Daltrey.

Joe Walsh started the discussion by suggesting to form a new band and stated:

“I’m not gonna go there, but maybe we should start a band.”

As a response to Walsh’s suggestion, Brian Johnson added:

“That would be good. Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey – we’d get all the boys. We can sing rock ‘n’ roll harmonies.”

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