AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson made a recent interview with Def Leppard frontman, Joe Elliott and shared his admiration about Def Leppard for doing 3 shows in 3 places in just one day.

Joe Elliott revealed the story behind how did they do that.

Brian Johnson asked this:

“One of the things you do with Def Leppard, that I’ve always wanted to ask you, is there was a time where you did 3 gigs on 3 continents in 1 day. What the fuck was that about? Are you nuts?”

Joe Elliott responded:

“Right. Well, we had a greatest hits album coming out, so what can we do that is completely bonkers that the press will go, ‘I’ve got to see this!’ Why don’t you play 3 gig in 3 countries in 1 day? How is that even possible?

Technically it’s not, but with time zones it is. I can’t remember where the first gig was, this is how mad it was.

It was in a cave in Turkey or something at midnight, then you fly to London, you play London at noon, then you play North America.”

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