In a rare interview unearthed by Alternative Nation, late AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young talked with Classic Rock Magazine and the interview featured on the internet again.

Malcolm has shared what he really thinks about Brian Johnson’s singing performance on Back In Black song. As you can read below, Malcolm criticized Brian for the lyrics of the song.

Here’s what he said:

“The most annoying one is with Brian and the lyrics to Back In Black. [It has been alleged that it was Scott, and not Johnson, who wrote the words to some of that album’s biggest songs before he died].

That’s complete bollocks. Poor old Brian’s had to deal with that one for the past 20 years. It just won’t go away.”

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young continued to share his thoughts on songwriting processes of the band by saying:

 “You can guarantee [an idea will come] you’ve got no f**king guitar or a tape recorder. You’ll be walking down the f**king road and bingo, something go off in your head. Or you’ll get up for a piss and it’ll happen then.

That keeps you awake all night because you can’t get back to sleep. It’s happened to me. The trigger can be something somebody says to you, a chord on the guitar or just about anything. It can even be a f**king drum.”

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