In a recent conversation with The Metal Voice, Mahogany Rush leader and guitarist Frank Marino talk about AC/DC, and he shared untold details about how much money AC/DC earns from one of their massive tours.

Frank Marino has shared his thoughts about why AC/DC still touring although the band doesn’t need money.

Here’s what Frank Marino told to The Metal Voice:

“AC/DC… not that it’s my kind of music – it isn’t – but that’s an example of an act that sort of built a brand, okay? Like, when you get an AC/DC recording, you know exactly what you’re getting.

It’s not like Mahogany Rush recording where you might have: one song blues, one song jazz or whatever… Something like AC/DC is a brand, and they took a long time to build that brand and they stayed pretty true to that. So then they lose one guy, but then they get another one, but he sounds like the other one.”

He continued:

“And then they lose two more guys, the writer and, you know, some serious problems… They have a lot of money, you know, 340 million dollars, they don’t really have to keep doing it. There comes a time where you wonder why they keep doing it.

It can’t just be, you know, ‘We need the money.’ You have to ask yourself, ‘Why is that?’. You don’t need the money, certainly don’t need anything that it gives you and it’s quite hard to tour. Why do you keep doing it?

Is it because you like music? Well, I like music, I like playing, but why do I need to play it in the stadium? I can play it at home or I can play with my friends in some club, what’s the difference? There’s no difference except that people will be there applauding. So you begin to wonder if that’s what it’s about.”

Watch the full interview below.

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