AC/DC drummer Simon Wright recently joined Indie Power TV and argued that Judas Priest’s Tim Owens era songs were underrated.

After the Painkiller Tour in 1991, Rob Halford decided to leave Judas Priest and formed a street-style thrash metal band named Fight to explore the new musical territory. However, he remained with the Priest until May 1992 due to contractual reasons.

Halford collaborated with the band for the release of ‘Metal Works ’73-’93’ and appeared in a documentary video of the same title before his departure. In 1996, Judas Priest hired Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens as Halford’s replacement.

With Owens, Judas Priest released two albums: 1997’s ‘Jugulator’ and 2001’s ‘Demolition.’ These albums were a total stylistic departure from the band’s prior releases. Fans demanded a reunion with Halford, and Priest reunited with Halford in July 2003.

Speaking to Indie Power TV, drummer Simon Wright revealed his thoughts on Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens. He then recalled that he played Tim Owens era Priest songs and opened for ‘Heaven & Hell Tour’ with the singer.

Looking back to their collaboration, Wright stated that Owens-era songs were great, unlike the popular opinion. He then argued those musical efforts were overlooked at the time, but according to Wright, Owens made strong albums with the Priest during his tenure.

During the conversation, Simon Wright said the following:

I played some of Tim’s Priest songs quite a few years ago now. We opened for the ‘Heaven & Hell Tour’ with Ronnie in Europe, and we did about 10 and 12 shows as the Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens Band. We were doing some of Tim’s Priest stuff on that tour too.

They’re really great songs. I think things were a little bit overlooked at the time, and many changes were going on, but he did some really strong albums. It’s going to be great to get back playing those songs.”

You can watch the interview below.