Marilyn Manson‘s accuser Jane Doe refiled her sexual assault lawsuit and claimed that the singer considered killing his ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood.

As you all know, Marilyn Manson makes the headlines mostly with his scandalous personal life rather than his music. Although he is a talented musician, even people who don’t listen to his music know him for his infamous actions.

Manson got involved in various controversies throughout his music career, including cutting himself during a live performance or eating a Bible on stage. Moreover, he has recently been facing accusations of spitting and blowing snot on a photographer.

On the other hand, Manson is also currently accused of sexual assault and abuse by his previous partners. Up until now, over 15 women have claimed that the musician has abused them. Probably the most shocking claims came from the actress Evan Rachel Wood who revealed in an Instagram post that Manson started grooming her when she was a teenager. She then detailed Manson’s physical, psychological, and verbal abuse towards her.

Recently, one of the women who claimed Manson abused her, Jane Doe, refiled her sexual assault lawsuit after the judge dismissed the case as the accusations weren’t sufficient. According to SPIN, Doe revealed her terrible experiences with Manson in her amended complaint. Apart from that, she stated Marilyn told her about his relationship with Evan Rachel Wood. 

Jane Doe claimed that Manson told her he wanted to kill Wood. She then revealed the musician told her about when he tied Wood to a chair and pointed a gun towards her. Moreover, Doe alleged that Manson considered killing Wood but then decided to ‘be merciful.’

As reported by SPIN, Jane Doe’s lawsuit stated:

“She told the plaintiff about a time he had tied Ms. Wood to a chair and pointed a gun at her. She said he considered killing Ms. Wood but then decided to be merciful.”

Apart from Jane Doe and Evan Rachel Wood, Manson has also been accused of sexual misconduct by his former personal assistant Ashley Walters and Esmé Bianco. It appears Manson will continue to be in big trouble for a long time.