One of Marilyn Manson’s accusers, his former girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline, opened up about how she felt seeing the musician on Kanye West’s recent Sunday Service. During an interview with People Magazine, the actress said that seeing Manson out in public was traumatizing, especially after what he had done to her.

As many of you know by now, Marilyn Manson has been facing numerous sexual, psychological, and physical abuse accusations. For the past few months, 15 women, including actresses Evan Rachel Wood and Esmé Bianco, opened up about their stories with the rocker.

One of those women is Manson’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline who revealed the details of her traumatizing relationship with the musician during an interview with People back in May. The actress reflected on their two-year-long relationship, and the allegations were just horrible.

Smithline stated that she was assaulted by the rock star countless times in unimaginable ways, including when Manson bit her, whipped her, cut her with a swastika-emblazoned knife, and locked her to a glass soundproof room whenever she did something that he didn’t like.

Manson denied all the allegations and stated that they are horrible distortions of reality. Furthermore, he insisted on the fact that all of his relationships have been entirely consensual. The musician has been investigated for domestic violence and sexual assault for some time now.

However, Marilyn Manson joined Kanye West’s Sunday Service a few days ago, surprising everybody. Pop star Justin Bieber joined the controversial duo, and the unexpected trio was spotted leading a praying circle in all-white clothes.

Considering the recent accusations on Manson, both musicians received major backlash after his appearance on Sunday Service. One of the most bothered to see the rocker in public was Ashley Morgan Smithline.

The actress opened up about this during a recent interview and said that seeing him out in public without shame makes her sick and heartbroken. Furthermore, Smithline stated that it felt like the world didn’t care that Manson raped and hurt numerous women because he is famous and wealthy.

During the interview, Smithline said:

“It’s heartbreaking. It makes me sick. How is this the world we live in? It makes everyone really f—ing sick. This is just like being traumatized, and it’s just showing the point that the world doesn’t really care if you rape, and if you beat and hurt all these women, you can do whatever you want, basically, if you have money and you’re a guy, and you’re famous.”

It appears that the alleged victims are as unhappy as many Christians who saw Marilyn Manson at a Sunday Service. His appearance caused several arguments on social media as some believe it’s his right to be there, while some thought it was an inappropriate act.