Ace Frehley, who is the original lead guitarist of KISS, talked in a recent conversation during the recent episode of Trunk Nation, which is a SiriusXM podcast hosted by Eddie Trunk.

In the conversation, Ace didn’t mention about the possible reunion with KISS for their upcoming ‘End Of The Road Tour’ shows for the first time.

He only talked about his current relationship with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. And also revealed the text message he got from the KISS manager, Doc McGhee. 

Here’s what he told to Eddie during the podcast:

 “I texted Paul and Gene last week and just wished them well, and Peter Criss. And I got a text from Doc (McGhee, KISS manager). Everybody’s okay — thank God. Knock on wood. Eric Singer’s been sending me some silly texts [Laughs] ‘Cause me and Eric always got along really well on the road.

Everything’s cool. What’s gonna happen is gonna happen. But everything is delayed at this juncture, so who knows? … I’m doing my own thing. Unless they come forward and the price is right, you’re not gonna see me anywhere close by.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here to reach the source of the statement. (Blabbermouth)