The original lead guitarist and also the iconic co-founder of KISS, Ace Frehley, was recently interviewed by ‘That Jamieson Show’ and talked about the current guitarist of the band Tommy Thayer and if he has any problems with him right now.

According to Ace, whenever Tommy did his solos, he tried to do the exact same thing he made before he left the band. However, this was not Tommy’s fault because Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley wanted him to do so.

In this way, Ace praised yet another ex-guitarist of the band Bruce Kulick and claimed that he was playing his solos with his own style and did not try to imitate him.

“Of all the guitar players that have taken my place in KISS, Bruce by far blows them all away, as far as I’m concerned. He’s definitely the best guitar player.

When Tommy gets up there and does my solos, he tries to play them note for note, but he doesn’t have the swagger or the attitude. Bruce used to play my solos, but he’d kind of make them his own.

He’d switch notes a little, and he had some originality; Tommy is just going through the motions. Bruce – by far – blows Tommy off the stage. It is what it is.”

As a response, the former guitarist of KISS, Bruce Kulick, who played for the legendary band from 1984 to 1996 was the latest interview guest of Rob’s School of Music and talked about Ace Frehley’s great comments about him.

Here’s what he said:

“I always knew that Ace liked me; he would say kind things about me – not that I think he commented too much on KISS and everything, his relationship with them is very different than it would be for me.

I was just one of those lucky guys who stepped in… And what I think he reflected on – which has been wonderful, of course – is the fact that I was able to take signature riffs of his, but then make it my own.

So I think he appreciated that. Now clearly Gene and Paul do want Tommy to be the Spaceman, which means to play more like Ace.

And Tommy always knew that stuff better than me – it was part of his job description – if you get what I mean. And I don’t fault him for it – I think he does it great, and I’m good friends with Tommy.”

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