KISS’ iconic guitarist Ace Frehley spoke in a recent interview with Metal Express Radio and revealed the band that has the most influence on his musical career.

In the conversation, Ace stated that he was influenced by both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but he was always more interested in and gravitated towards The Rolling Stones and explained the reason behind it.

Ace mentioned the difference of the lyrics between these to legendary bands and said that The Rolling Stones was more rebellious rather than The Beatles and that’s why they were the band that has the biggest influence in Ace’s life.

Here is what Ace Frehley said:

“The Stones were a huge influence on me, just like The Beatles were but I always gravitated towards The Stones more because they were more rebellious and I was always the black sheep of my family.

My brother and sister were older and were more disciplined and didn’t party like I did.

My sister was valedictorian and got a master’s degree in chemistry and my brother went to NYU and I’m a high school drop out but here I am, a millionaire, and I never even took a guitar lesson in my life.”

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