Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley spoke in an interview with and explained his thoughts about KISS’ current guitar position.

He claimed that nobody can really can take his position at KISS because he is the original member. Here’s the statement:

“Getting involved with Kiss on the road would take precedence over what I’m doing with my band. But the only way I would seriously consider it (returning to KISS) is if I took back my make-up and costume and my character — which I designed.

Tommy Thayer is not a bad guitar player, but he basically just mimics everything I wrote, and tries to imitate my persona.

He’s been doing it for 15 years. But the reality is I’m the original guy. And nobody can really copy the way I play guitar.

He also revealed his thoughts about original KISS drummer Peter Criss and said:

“I think it would be great if Peter was involved. Obviously, at this point in his life, he wouldn’t be able to do a two-hour show.

But I can see if we worked out a situation where Peter came out at the end and did three or four songs — sang ‘Beth’, did ‘Black Diamond’ and a couple of others, I think that would be fun.”

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