Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley talked about a possible reunion with his former bandmates during a recent appearance on Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk.

Ace joined KISS in 1973, and he had played for the band until 1982. Back in that time, his departure was negotiated between the band members but never officially announced. Therefore, he didn’t appear on KISS’ 1982 record ‘Killers’ although he appeared on the cover of the album.

As for his replacement, KISS agreed with Vinnie Vincent. Since then, Ace hasn’t returned to the band as a permanent member. Even though Ace appeared in 1998’s ‘Psycho Circus‘ record, he only contributed to a few songs on the album.

Recently, in an interview on Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Ace talked about the possibility of a KISS reunion. He revealed that he never closed the door for this and stated that anything can happen in the future if everything goes well for both KISS and himself. Furthermore, Ace pointed out that there is no bad blood between him, Paul Stanley, and Gene Simmons, and that’s why it is not impossible to see a reunion in the future.

In the interview, Ace Frehley reflected on a possible reunion:

“Anything’s possible — I’ve always said that. That’s the first question so many people have asked me over the years: ‘Would you ever consider doing a KISS reunion?’ I said, ‘I never closed the door on anything.‘ If the money’s right and it’s presented to me in the right way, anything can happen.

I’m on good terms with Paul and Gene, which is nice because we created something really special in the early ’70s that has outlasted so many other bands. And God bless ’em.

They’re still doing it; I’m still doing it. Peter is still around. I’m not quite sure why Peter hadn’t toured over the years as much as I have, but it is what it is.”

About three years ago, Ace mentioned that the only way he can reunite with KISS is getting his make-up and persona back once again. However, neither KISS nor Ace revealed so far that they are going to reunite for their ‘End Of The Road World Tour.’