The original lead guitarist of KISS, Ace Frehley posted several photos of his fans and a photoshopped picture of Gene Simmons to address his fans who couldn’t find his new album ‘Origins, Vol. 2‘ at the stores.

As you might remember, former KISS member Ace Frehley has been in a complicated relationship with the rest of the band members since their argument about the possible reunion of the band.

Last year, KISS bassist Gene Simmons stated in an interview that Ace Frehley would be welcomed for a possible reunion, but if he didn’t show up, it would be his fault. Simmons also mentioned Ace’s drug and alcohol problems that caused his dismissal from the band before. However, Ace denied the accusations and harshly reacted to Gene on social media platforms.

Recently on Instagram, Frehley posted the photos of his fans who were able to buy his album at Target and those who couldn’t find it anywhere since some people bought every copy they found. However, the photoshopped photo of Gene Simmons shared by Ace Frehley attracted fans attention the most. As you will see in the photo below, Gene seems like holding the solo albums of Ace and he is quite happy about it.

On the caption of hşs post, Ace urged his fans to be more considerate about buying his album at the Target stores since some people couldn’t find even one copy.

Here’s what Ace Frehley stated on the caption of his latest post:

“Let’s talk about hoarding… The good kind: (‘Hey, I’m doing my Acemas shopping early, so I bought 5!’); The bad kind (not leaving even one copy for any tools that haven’t been to Target yet); And the sloppy kind (see Gene, here, posing w/everything but the #SpaceAceTarget CD… ‘C’mon Demon!!‘).

We welcome the enthusiasm as you’re all out there taking selfies with your ‘Origins Vol.2’ Target CDs… Just be thoughtful. Selfish? Mildly, sure… But also mindful of your brothers and sisters who are also out there this weekend!”

You can see the photos Ace Frehley posted on his Instagram account below.