According to the latest forum topic of KISSFaq, Ace Frehley responded to the bold question of Rock Candy on their latest issue this month.

As you might check out one of the users named AceyAintInCharge, Ace Frehley defended his former bandmate, Paul Stanley and claimed that Paul is so respectful for the fans that he can’t even think about lip-syncing during the concerts.

Here is what AceyAintInCharge wrote and claimed that Ace told this:

“Something to the effect of Paul having too much respect for the fans to do that.”

Another user named Crazynights87 wrote this:

“I personally love The Elder because it is so different. I would never classify it as a classic album like the 1st six albums, which are top-notch, but I really enjoy The Elder and actually wish it was a double album.

KISS made quite a few different style albums starting with Dynasty and each has its high and low points but that’s ok with me for the most part.

Kept things kind of interesting. Be cool if Eric Carr could have sung a song or two on The Elder, but that’s another story for another day.”

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