KISS’ Ace Frehley recently remembered how the producer Bob Ezrin differentiated him from the rest of the band and called him the most rock and roll guy there.

Ace Frehley is one of the most famous members of the iconic band KISS and had established his persona in the band as The Spaceman before he quit due to creative differences. Even though he was present at the peak points of the band, he disagreed with their shift to creating a concept album rather than a classic rock album.

Bob Ezrin was KISS’ producer at the time, and he has also worked with other big names in the industry, such as Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and Hanoi Rocks. He also contributed to KISS’ most successful album, ‘Destroyer‘ released in 1976 with its keyboard parts and production.

In a recent interview, Ace recalled how Ezrin used to call him the band’s most rock and roll guy. However, Ace’s moments in the band are also remembered by fans as pure rock and roll, as he played in ‘God of Thunder’ and ‘Shout It Out Loud,’ which left a significant mark on rock and roll. Hence, Ezrin’s reaction to him being a rock and roll guy was not that surprising.

Here is how Ace recalled that:

“Ezrin always did say I was the most rock and roll guy in the band.”

Ace Frehley’s exit from the band was mainly due to the band’s switch to concept albums. Ace had made it obvious that he wants to continue making rock and roll music, which is also a huge indication of where his heart and soul are. He always made sure to execute his music suited to typical rock and roll, and he continued to do that after he parted ways with the band.