In a recent interview, the original lead guitarist and co-founder of KISS, Ace Frehley talked about the band’s reunion back in 1996 and revealed how Paul Stanley claimed fans wouldn’t know the difference if Ace appeared on ‘Psycho Circus’ less then expected.

As you might remember, back in 1998, all four original members of KISS came together to record the band’s eighteenth studio album named ‘Psycho Circus.’ It was the first album that involved all four original members since 1979’s ‘Dynasty.’

Recently, KISS icon Ace Frehley joined a conversation with The Disc Dive and talked about the time of his reunion with the band to record ‘Psycho Circus.’ However, during the interview, Ace shared some details about his involvement in the album and claimed that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were ‘control freaks‘ who let him be a part of only two songs.

According to Frehley, he and the original drummer Peter Criss only appeared on a select few tracks even though the album was about gathering all the four members to record one last KISS album. Ace and Peter were used sparingly, with Criss playing drums only on ‘Into the Void.’

Furthermore, Ace also claimed that when he talked to Paul Stanley about how it wouldn’t be a KISS record if he only participated in a small part, Stanley stated that the fans wouldn’t know the difference.

Here’s how Ace Frehley recalled the conversation he had with Paul Stanley:

“I said to Paul, ‘Well it’s not really a KISS record, it’s half a KISS record,’ and he goes, ‘The fans aren’t going to know the difference.’

But in reality, they did know the difference between our sounds and somebody else’s.”

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