The original lead guitarist and co-founding member of KISS, Ace Frehley, opened up about the band’s legendary song ‘Torpedo Girl’ and how he wrote the riff to the song when he asked during an interview with Music Radar.

Torpedo Girl was in the eighth studio album by KISS named ‘Unmasked.’ It was released on May 20, 1980. The song is mainly known by the fans for its crazy intro riff, written by Ace Frehley.

When asked about this legendary riff in the song Torpedo Girl and how it was created, during the interview, Frehley stated drugs and alcohol were involved in the making.

Here is was Frehley said about the song:

Drugs! Drugs and alcohol! Yeah, it is a crazy song. Somebody asked me about that song the other day and I believe, if I am not mistaken, I wrote that bass part first and then I wrote the guitar part to complement the bass line – because they kind-of weave in and out of each other. So yeah, that riff, it was a lot of cocaine.

KISS guitarist Ace Frehley also talked about his favorite guitars, Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars, compared them to his trusty Gibson Les Paul. Frehley stated that most of his solos are Les Pauls. But the rhythm guitar tracks, he uses Les Pauls and Fenders.

You can reach the source of the statement here and listen to ‘Torpedo Girl’ below.