The lead guitarist of KISS, Ace Frehley, spoke in a recent interview with The Cassius Morris Show and mocked Gene Simmons while talking about the death of Pantera’s Vinnie Paul.

In the conversation, Ace remembered the death of Vinnie and mentioned the times when he had to a speech during the funeral of Vinnie. Also, Ace touched upon the fact that Vinnie was buried inside the KISS coffin and showed how much he loved KISS.

Furthermore, Ace pointed out the brand making style of Gene and stated that he knew Gene will come out with the KISS masks during the coronavirus outbreak and mocked him in this way. Additionally, Ace said that Gene could put the KISS logo on everything.

Here is what Ace Frehley said:

“We were good friends, I spent a weekend at his house before his untimely passing – he had my face tattooed on his chest, the makeup. I’m still really good friends with his girlfriend, Rita.

It was unfortunate that his brother [Vinnie] recently passed away [in June 2018]. They asked me in a previous interview, ‘one of the items that make you cringe a little that KISS put out,‘ and I said the KISS coffins.

Vinnie Paul was buried in a KISS coffin, and I had to make a little speech outside at the cemetery, and it was weird. Vinnie was inside this box and my face was on it…”

He added:

“I mean, Gene will put the KISS logo on anything, I knew he’d be coming out with masks but I don’t know, I think we’re on our third pinball machine or fourth pinball machine, a golf machine…

I’d like to do an Ace Frehley slot machine, I got some good ideas.”

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