Ace Frehley, the original lead guitarist, occasional lead vocalist, and co-founding member of KISS talked about ‘the bag’ story and how Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley chose not to party, and live alcohol and drug-free, during an interview on ‘Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown.’

Ace Frehley, opened about KISS’ days back in the early to mid-70s, his new album named Origins Vol.2, and a possible new prop during an appearance on Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown.

When asked about ‘the bag’ during the interview, referring to guitarist Alex Lifeson’s routine when he used to take a large paper bag, draw a big face on it, put it over his head, and smoke weed through it, Ace Frehley talked about the occurrence and the circumstances that made ‘the bag’ possible.

Here is what Frehley said about ‘the bag:’

“Invariably, after a certain amount of beers were consumed, Alex would take a bag and draw up a crazy face on it and put it over his head and he smoked a joint through the eye because he poked holes first so that he could see.”

Knowing that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley would not be a big fan of this. The interviewer asked their reaction to Frehley.

Ace Frehley said:

“Eh… Paul and Gene, those guys never partied. They missed out on so much.”

In an interview on September 3, 2016, Gene Simmons, the bassist, and co-founder of KISS, opened up about being an advocate for living alcohol and drug-free lifestyle. Paul Stanley, the rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, and Simmons have been known with this lifestyle aside from their music career.

During the interview with Los Angeles Times, Gene revealed the main reason he doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs.

Here is what he had to say:

“I’m my mother’s only child. I was concerned I had no right to harm my mother. Life did that enough.

I literally never drink. Privately or publicly. I simply don’t like the taste or the smell of anything with alcohol in it. I have never been drunk in my life and have never taken more than a sip of anything, and hated it every time. I will toast just to be social, but that’s it.”

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