In a recent Facebook post, Ace Frehley’s wife, Rachael Gordon has shared an interesting facts about KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

On that statement, she claimed that Simmons and Paul Stanley hate each other. Here’s the statement:

“My gloves are off.

Gene i love; Paul… figure it out people. Paul Stanley and Gene hate each others guts to the point; and this is a fact, Paul and Gene refuse to even be in the same room together!

The only reason paul wanted ace on that cruise is because they needed ticket sales. What a shmuck!

Ive witnessed paul stanley screaming in genes face at the rock hall of fame. Pauls the jerk and i’m going to ’shout it out loud’ you don’t like it paul??? Try me!”

After a while, Rachael removed this post. Rock journalist Mitch Lafon has revealed the screenshot as you can see below. Click here to source. (Alternative Nation)

This from last week (and since deleted) Gloves are off… hmmm, that language sounds familiar? Where have I heard that recently?

Gepostet von Mitch Lafon am Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2019

As we reported, Rachael Gordon claimed that KISS members tried to kill Ace in the 70’s at a ‘private party’ in the Bahamas.

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