Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley’s wife, Rachael Gordon was interviewed by a Youtube channel called “Daskeladden1” a week ago.

She has revealed more details about her sexual misconduct allegations against KISS bassist Gene Simmons. She said:

“Yeah, what happened was Gene touched me, said things in my ear, propositioned me and was inappropriate to me several times. The main thing that I think we are all aware of right now is what Ace addressed, at the Capitol building. It was industry people and I at this very second don’t know the date of it.

It happened a year, two years ago. Ace was asked to go to the Capitol building in Los Angeles for an entire day and into the evening. This was to help Gene with his vault thing that he does, sell the vault. We were in there and Gene was always saying something to me, you know? I walked in and he was like, “whoa, can I get you a cocktail or backrub or something?”

Interviewer said ‘So Gene is totally coming on to his bandmate’s wife?’, Rachael responded:

Gene never has any problem coming onto me, OK? But, Gene is getting worse and worse, he is a liar and a backstabbing man. Gene is too much of an asshole! Taking my hands, taking me aside, running after me after the shows. Gene is grabbing my hands, crying big tears, holding my hands saying “please don’t leave Ace, please whatever you do don’t leave Ace.”

Interviewer said ‘If you were a smart businessman, you wouldn’t want to get with your band member’s wife.’, Rachael continued:

“Oh that’s another thing. That was way, way out of line. Let me tell you something, it takes a lot for me to be offended. I’m not one of those chicks where a guy tells me I’m beautiful and I turn around and go “what did you say?!” You know, I’m not that kind of woman, but I don’t take too kindly to someone pulling my hair. And groping me? Yeah groping is no problem, Gene just gropes and gropes, and when he hugs me he is sure to rub his hands all up and down my back – stuff like that.

In the Capitol building, I’m just standing there, we are in a giant, huge crowd, Ace is in front of me, Gene is in back of me and I’m just standing there as they are getting prepped to get up on the stage, do their little thing and talk. I had a full head of hair extensions in that day, twenty inch long extensions in that day, a full head. I feel somebody grab my entire head of extensions with one hand! I didn’t even know what hit me. I felt that and I felt someone yank, jerk and pull me towards them so that I had to walk backward with my platforms on until I find out it’s Gene.

Gene pulls me by my hair, behind Ace’s back, by my hair pulls me up behind his body so that the back part of me is completely up against him. Gene then whispered to me: “hey, who are we trying to kid?” and I was like “what do you mean?” and he said, “who are we trying to kid, lets cut all of this bullshit and let’s get out of here.”

So jokingly, because I thought this was some sort of joke I said “where are we going?” and he went “probably straight to hell but I’ll have a lot of friends.” Then he just sort of shoved me off. A lot of people were looking at me in that room like “whoa” but see, everybody’s afraid of Gene but why everybody is afraid of Gene, I will never know because I certainly am not.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement. (Alternative Nation)