The co-founder and former frontman of Behemoth, Adam Nergal Darski, recently posted a black and white photo of himself doing yoga on his Instagram account and revealed that yoga has been helping him deal with the dullness of lockdown.

As you might recall, the metal star co-founded the Polish extreme metal band Behemoth back in 1991 and the band released their first album ‘Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)’ four years later. The album was appreciated by both fans and critics but everything went south when Behemoth was joined by Venom and other bands to create the Temple of Fullmoon.

The newly formed band soon started actively supporting far-right politics which was not Nergal’s cup of tea as he wanted to stay as far away from politics as possible. Thus, he decided to leave the band which led to even bigger problems such as receiving death threats due to his clash with the frontman of the Polish National Socialist Black Metal band Graveland Rob Darken.

Nergal had recently informed his fans that he has buried the hatchet and is now working on the reissue of Behemoth’s debut album. However, fans have also been curious about what he does, aside from working on his music, during the repetitive days of lockdown. With his recent Instagram post, Nergal revealed that he has been practicing yoga as it helps him ‘maintain the dull lockdown routines with some of those activities.’

Here’s what Nergal said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“You can really maintain the dull lockdown routines with some of those activities…!🙏

Yoga instructor Kinga Drewa

Click here to check out the photo that Adam Nergal Darski posted on his Instagram account.