The co-founder of Behemoth, Adam Nergal Darski, has posted a new photo on his official Instagram account today and revealed his thoughts after the full-lockdown decision of the Polish Government.

According to the recently published articles of the domestic Polish newspaper named Politico, after the COVID case numbers raised once again, Polish Nationalist Government had decided to tighten the lockdown measures. The government has announced that the whole country will be under full lockdown for a while and every public place will be closed.

Adam has taken his official Instagram page and revealed his ideas about that decision. Adam admitted that this decision of government put a smile on his face and ironically, he stated that the churches should be fully open even a capacity of %150 or more.

Here is what Adam said:

“The Polish government has just announced a full lockdown in Poland. Pretty much EVERYTHING shuts down: restaurants, malls, gyms, barbershops but… Churches. As much as I despise 99% of their mindless decisions this one puts a big smile on my face.”

He continued:

“I deeply believe churches should be fully open despite pandemics. Not 100% capacity but 150% or more! Go and share your passion my fellow Catholics, share the sign of peace, hold your hands… Kiss each other if needed! French kissing too if there’s a desire for that! Christian LOVE should have no boundaries really!

No one expects intelligence, common sense, or imagination from Polish Catholic’s but we do expect they do NOT compromise their faith, don’t we?

Remember, Jesus saves! Off to churches, GO!”

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