The co-founder and frontman of Behemoth, Adam Nergal Darski, recently posted a little-known photo of him, Sebastian Kolasa, and Orcus today and recalled the day they have discovered the first-ever demo of Behemoth named ‘Flyer.’

As you may already follow the band, Behemoth was formed in 1991 with Nergal on guitar on vocals and for almost 30 years, they released 11 studio albums, 9 EPs, and 6 studio albums so far. Their latest album named ‘I Loved You at Your Darkest’ was released in October 2018, and it features 12 new tracks including a bonus track for the Japanese edition.

As you will check out the caption right below, Nergal shared the story of listening to their first-ever demo at Pomorska street, and after sharing the photo, over 10K followers of Nergal pushed the like button on the post and one of the users who liked the photo was Brazilian model and political activist, Vanessa Mesquita.

Here is the caption of the post:

“In 1992 these two gents found Behemoth’s first demo Flyer and decided to visit my headquarters at Pomorska street where I used to live with my parents. Janek aka Asmon started a BM band Mastiphal shortly after. Sebastian Kolasa aka Orcus joined Behemoth on bass for a short period of time…

Then 3 decades passed by and they visited me again today, with a bag of life experience and a whole different perspective on our past and relationship. Cool hang out!”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Adam Nergal Darski – Instagram