The iconic fronting member of the extreme metal band Behemoth and also the political activist, Adam Darski, has posted a recent photo on his verified Instagram account today and remembered the good-old-days he spent with the members of Norwegian symphonic black metal band, Dimmu Borgir.

Dimmu Borgir has been founded by Shagrath, Silenoz, and Tjodalv back in 1994 and debuted their first-ever EP named ‘Into the Darkness of Eternity’ which was sold out within weeks and considered as one of the most successful albums of Norwegian history.

In his latest Instagram post, Adam Darski shared the story of his trip to Scandinavia and how he stayed at Dimmu Borgir’s apartment in 1997. While sharing his memoir with the band, he also admitted that he could not meet with Dimmu members for years and wanted to know if anyone knows what they are doing these days. Over 4K people pushed the like button to show their respect for both Dimmu and Adam Nergal Darski.

Here is what Adam wrote:

“In 1997 I took this month-long trip to Scandinavia. Oslo was one of the stops and I stayed at Dimmu Borgir’s apartment for a couple of dayz but I also spent a lot of time with another Stian. Nagash. Formerly Covenant, then Dimmu for a lil while.

He was super cool and easy goin dude. Haven’t heard or seen him in decades now. Anyone knows if he’s even alive?”

You can click here to check out the photo.