The current performing frontman of Queen and one of the icons of the 21st century, Adam Lambert has announced that he is the next guest of the Instagram live conversations with Pete Buttigieg, who is a Democratic politician, to talk about what’s at stake in the coming election.

As you know, Adam Lambert has been showing his support to the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, and vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, for the 2020 election. On his social media pages, Lambert has been explaining why he thinks that Biden is the best option for the future of the US.

He even reacts to the campaigns that blame Joe Biden. As you may recall, he has stood against the disrespectful video, which was edited to manipulate people about Biden, lately. Adam said that these kinds of attempts should be illegal as he posted the video on Instagram Stories.

To clarify and detail his thoughts about why he has been so supportive about Joe Biden and why he strongly opposes the polity and manners of Donald Trump, Adam Lambert said to his followers to catch up on his chat with Pete Buttigieg on Instagram on Wednesday, September 10.

Here is what Adam Lambert said in his Twitter announcement:

Tune in 2pm PST/ 5pm E Pete Buttigieg.”

You can see the tweet below.