Queen’s current fronting star and one of the most talented vocals of this era, Adam Lambert, was recently interviewed by a YouTube channel named ‘Seventeen’ and answered 17 questions for 17 days.

He’s answered highly-wondered questions from his advice to his 17-year-old self to thoughts on his old relationships. Adam stated that every single relationship he had made him learn something new.

As you might already remember, Adam and his latest boyfriend Javi Costa Polo parted their ways at the end of the last year.

Here is what Seventeen asked Adam:

“What have you learned from past relationships?”

Adam Lambert responded:

“I think when you feel a red flag, it’s really easy to like sort of either ignore it or talk yourself out of it. But then you find like later on a lot of times those things that are like red flags when you first meet somebody or dead-on like they’re totally true.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re noticing a red flag like be very aware of it and don’t ignore it because it’s probably true.”

You can check out the whole video right below.