Queen’s live vocalist Adam Lambert has changed his profile picture on Instagram after a long time and shared a new post to support the LGBTQ community during the coronavirus outbreak.

Adam surprised the fans by changing his profile picture with a drawing of himself instead of using a photo from the stage. However, most of the fans seemed like they love this cool and unique change.

In the post, Adam mentioned that he is raising funds by selling the stage costumes that he wore on the stage earlier, and will use that money to help LGBTQ community to support them in the coronavirus pandemic.

Adam’s post reached over 20K likes less than five hours and still rising. Also, the fans shared their reactions and showed their love for Adam in the comment section.

Here is what Adam Lambert wrote:

“My new organization Feel Something Foundation is teaming up with GLAAD and eBay to auction off 15 of my iconic stage outfits! 100% of proceeds are going to GLAAD for their continued support of LGBTQ people in need during COVID-19. Go to eBay.com/AdamLambert to bid now through May 6!”

A fan named Melissa added this comment:

“Amazing. You are so generous! Can’t wait to see you on the program! ❤️”

Another fan named Tracey said:

“I love all these outfits and wish I could bid a million dollars for them. Glad I at least got to see you in person wearing them 💕”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram