Queen’s current fronting member Adam Lambert showed his support to the black people once again by changing the profile picture of his official Instagram account and proved that he is a kind-hearted man.

As you might remember, Adam shared lots of posts to seek justice for George Floyd and the black people. Before that, he was also trying to protect the LGBTQ community rights. With this attitude, he earned the respect of the community.

Today, Adam showed his support to the community by changing his profile picture and sharing a post on Instagram. In this way, he showed how much he cares about justice and equality in this world.

Here is what Adam Lambert wrote in the latest post:

“Pulled this footage from one of the live helicopters feeds today. This is La Cienega and Santa Monica Boulevard.

So inspired by the Queer community who made up a large part of this march. This is History. #blacklivesmatter (from what I know- West Hollywood law enforcement was not violent today. Unlike the disgusting LAPD earlier this week)”

A fan named Maureen added this comment:

“Loved the footage of the police kneeling with the protesters it was so powerful 💜”

Another fan named Chris said:

“This definitely feels like something is finally happening! ✊🏼”

You can check out the post below.